Water Alarm & Accessories

Designed for the professional contractor


Water Alarm

  • Minimize the risk of water damage
  • You can detect leaks before they become bigger problems by placing a Pro Series Water Alarm wherever there is a risk of water damage

360˚ Sensor

  • Patented 360˚ sensing technology – will detect water when placed on any side, top or bottom
  • Use with the Pro Series Water Alarm (PWA2)

Pro Series CONNECT WiFi Module

  • Sends emails or text notifications and status alerts to your phone, tablet or computer

Battery Fluid

Compatible with:

  • PHCC Pro Series B-1000 Standby Battery
  • PHCC Pro Series B-2200 Standby Battery
PJC Parallel Cables

Parallel Jumper Cables

Longer Run Time


Klunkless™ Check Valve

  • Reduces the loud CLUNKING sound when sump pumps stops
  • Silencing air chamber
  • Absorbs the sound that normally occurs after pump shutoff
Quick Connect Pipe

Quick Connect Main Pipe

  • Makes sump pump replacement and installation easy
  • No need to remove the pipe from the old pump!

Rubber Booted Check Valve

  • Flapper opens 100%
  • (4) Stainless steel hose clamp included

High Water Accessory

  • Will activate a warning light, an audible alarm, send a signal to the remote terminal, and send information through the USB port when water reaches the sensor
  • Use with the Pro Series Deluxe Float Controller (DFC2, VSC2 and TSC2) and Water Alarm (PWA2)

High Water Float

  • Sends an alert by text or e-mail when the water reaches the high water float
  • OPTIONAL add-on for use with the WiFi Module

Sump Foot

  • Keeps pumps out of dirt and debris
  • Pre-drilled holes for ease of installation
  • Two sizes available