Standby Batteries

Designed for the professional contractor


Maintenance Free AGM Standby Battery

Model B12-100

Compatible with:

*See battery compatibility page for compatibility to older systems


Wet Cell Standby Battery (Discontinued)

Model B-2200

Compatible with:


Wet Cell Standby Battery (Discontinued)

Model B-1000

Compatible with:


Battery Fluid (Discontinued)

Model Z-PACK

Compatible with:

  • Pro Series B-1000 Standby Battery
  • Pro Series B-2200 Standby Battery


Pro Series Standby Batteries are designed to:

  • Run the pump longer… for more hours per charge  
  • Last longer in standby operation
  • Work with all current Pro Series Pumps backup and combination systems
  • Accommodate the battery fluid sensor (wet cell batteries)

Wet Cell Batteries:

  • Provide an economical solution to your battery backup needs
  • After the initial activation with battery fluid, simply add distilled water once every 4-6 months to help keep the battery at optimal levels and provide years of dependable standby service
  • The Pro Series wet cell standby batteries accommodate the exclusive fluid sensor that is only found on our brand of backup and combination systems
  • Shipped dry without battery fluid, so the battery is 100% ready to go once the battery is activated with the fluid

     PDF_download_icon_v2 Safety Data Sheet for Wet Cell Batteries

Maintenance Free Battery:

  • Pro Series maintenance free standby batteries provide dependable service without having to add battery fluid or distilled water
  • All current* Pro Series Pumps systems are designed to be used with either the wet cell or the maintenance free batteries

* See battery compatibility for older systems

     PDF_download_icon_v2 Safety Data Sheet for Maintenance Free Battery