Standard Controller

  • DFC1 Float Switch and Controller
  • DFC1
  • DFC1 Float Switch and Controller
  • DFC1

Standard Controller

  • Piggy-back plug
  • Two micro reed activated floats for added reliability
  • Protective cage prevents debris from interfering with floats
  • Switch is mounted independent from pump, allowing user to adjust the height of pump activation
  • 10' float cord

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Sump Pumps
Chemical Pumps



Switch Comparison

Features Standard Controller
or Switch Only
    DFC1    /   VS    /    TS   
Enhanced Controller
DFC1.5 / VSC1.5 / TSC1.5
Deluxe Controller
DFC2 / VSC2 / TSC2
Includes Dual Float Switch Dot Dot Dot
Includes Vertical Switch Dot (Switch only) Dot Dot
Includes Tether Switch Dot (Switch only) Dot Dot
Sounds an alarm and alerts when:      
      AC power has failed     Dot
      Pump or float problem is detected     Dot
      9V battery is low or slide switch is off     Dot
Remote Notification Connections:
(Allows for connection to external devices)

USB Data Port (Ability to remotely
notify which alert has activated or
what maintenance might be needed)

Remote Terminal (Ability to remotely
notify of a problem or needed
Float switch can be unplugged from
controller for easy installation         
  Dot Dot
System operating light (flashes)   Dot Dot
Adjustable run time from 5-45 seconds
after the water falls
  Dot Dot
Activates pump weekly to exercise and
extend pump life
  Dot Dot
Universal controller mounting tabs   Dot Dot
2' power cord   Dot  
4' power cord     Dot
10' float switch cord Dot Dot Dot
Piggy-back plug Dot Dot Dot
                   All switches include manual and stainless steel hose clamp

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