Sump Pumps

S3033 NS S3050 NS
S3033 NS S3050 NS
  • S3033 NS S3050 NS
  • Flow Chart S3 Series
  • S3033 DFC1
  • S3033 DFC2 CONNECT
  • S3033 VS
  • S3033 NS S3050 NS
  • Flow Chart S3 Series
  • S3033 DFC1
  • S3033 DFC2 CONNECT
  • S3033 VS

S3 Series

  • Cast iron/stainless steel construction
  • Available pumps:
    1/3 HP, 1/2 HP and 1 HP
  • Energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Premium pump construction
        -  Water cooled motor (no cooling oil)
        -  Upper and lower sealed ball bearings
              for ultra-quiet operation
        -  Stainless steel fasteners for long life
        -  Dual carbon / ceramic seals plus
              (1) Buna-N-Seal
        -  Thermally protected
  • Continuous duty rated
  • Will fit in 10” diameter sump pit
  • S3 Series Energy Savings: Average $55* per year
  • 5 Year warranty when purchased from and installed by a contractor, otherwise 3 year


Tether Float Vertical Float Dual Float
TSC1.5 VSC1.5 DFC1.5


*Based on an average sump pump run time of five minutes


  S3033 S3050 S3100
Motor - HP 1/3 HP 1/2 HP 1 HP
Flow @ 10 ft. GPH (3 M.) 3,000 GPH 3,900 GPH 5,520 GPH
Flow @ 10 ft. GPM (3 M.) 50 GPH 65 GPM 92 GPM
Max. Head 30' / 9.1 m 33’ / 10.0 m 52’ / 15.8 m
Pump Discharge 1.5" 3.8 cm 2” / 5.1 cm 2” / 5.1 cm
Amps. @ 10 Ft. Total Head 4.0 Amps 4.3 Amps 11.5 Amps
Weight 20 lbs. / 9.1 kg 24 lbs. / 10.9 kg 46 lbs. / 20.9 kg
Width 7.9” / 20.1 cm 8.5” / 21.6 cm 11.0” / 27.9 cm
Depth 5.3” / 13.5 cm 6.3” / 16.0 cm 7.7” / 19.5 cm
Height 13.0” / 33.0 cm 13.4” / 34.0 cm 18” / 45.7 cm

Mix and Match

We want to provide our customers every option possible, so we’ve come up with two ways to order. You can order using our “Mix and Match” method or select a pre-packaged pump with a switch included. This allows you the ability to have not only the quality pump you need but, the features and technology you want to go with it.

Option 1: Mix and Match – Order a pump and a switch as separate items

  • The pumps and switches are purchased as separate items, then combine to complete the system to meets your wants and needs
  • Best way to allow for many options
    • Select a pump, based on capacity, warranty or build materials
      • Example: the S3033-NS, a 5 year warranty, high capacity pump with No Switch
    • Then, select a switch to pair with it based on the features
      • Example: the DFC2, a Dual Float Switch with Deluxe Controller that has lights, alarms and when paired with a PS-WiFi can send text, email or in-app alerts


 Option 2: Pre-Packaged System – Order the pump and switch together in one box

  • Order any pump with the switch already packaged in a single carton, ready for delivery
    • Example: The S2033-VSC2, is a 4 year warranty, all cast iron pump and Vertical Switch with Deluxe Controller that has lights, alarms and when paired with a PS-WiFi can send text, email or in-app alerts

Models Available

Switch Options S3033
1/3 HP Pump
1/2 HP Pump
1 HP Pump

Pump, with no switch

S3033-NS S3050-NS S3100-NS

Dual float switch with standard controller

S3033-DFC1 S3050-DFC1 S3100-DFC1

Dual float switch with enhanced controller

S3033-DFC1.5 S3050-DFC1.5 S3100-DFC1.5

Dual float switch with deluxe controller

S3033-DFC2 S3050-DFC2 S3100-DFC2
Vertical switch
S3033-VS S3050-VS S3100-VS
Vertical switch with enhanced controller
S3033-VSC1.5 S3050-VSC1.5 S3100-VSC1.5
Vertical switch with deluxe controller
S3033-VSC2 S3050-VSC2 S3100-VSC2
Tether switch
S3033-TS S3050-TS S3100-TS
Tether switch with enhanced controller
S3033-TSC1.5 S3050-TSC1.5 S3100-TSC1.5
Tether switch with enhanced controller
S3033-TSC2 S3050-TSC2 S3100-TSC2

Switches and Controllers Comparison

Features Standard Controller
or Switch Only
    DFC1    /   VS    /    TS   
Enhanced Controller
DFC1.5 / VSC1.5 / TSC1.5
Deluxe Controller
DFC2 / VSC2 / TSC2
Includes Dual Float Switch Dot Dot Dot
Includes Vertical Switch Dot (Switch only) Dot Dot
Includes Tether Switch Dot (Switch only) Dot Dot
Sounds an alarm and alerts when:      
      AC power has failed     Dot
      Pump or float problem is detected     Dot
      9V battery is low or slide switch is off     Dot
Remote Notification Connections:
(Allows for connection to external devices)

USB Data Port (Ability to remotely
notify which alert has activated or
what maintenance might be needed)

Remote Terminal (Ability to remotely
notify of a problem or needed
Float switch can be unplugged from
controller for easy installation         
  Dot Dot
System operating light (flashes)   Dot Dot
Adjustable run time from 5-45 seconds
after the water falls
  Dot Dot
Activates pump weekly to exercise and
extend pump life
  Dot Dot
Universal controller mounting tabs   Dot Dot
2' power cord   Dot  
4' power cord     Dot
10' float switch cord Dot Dot Dot
Piggy-back plug Dot Dot Dot
                   All switches include manual and stainless steel hose clamp


1.  Permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor increases energy efficiency AC-pump-cutout-drawing-S3-Cutout-with-numbers_preview
2.  Cast iron/stainless steel housing
3.  Non-corrosive polypropylene strainer
4.  Stainless steel shaft and fasteners won't rust
5.  Upper and lower sealed ball bearings
6.  Water cooled
7.  Thermally protected
8.  Two carbon ceramic shaft seals plus (1) Buna-N seal
9.  1-1/2" outlet (S3033)
     2" outlet (S3050 / S3100)
10. Polycarbonate impeller