Battery Comparison

Pro Series batteries are standby batteries. They are made to be drained and recharged, and they will last longer and perform better than an automotive or deep cycle battery in this application.

  B-1000** B-2200** B12-100 B12-90
Pumping Time*
PHCC-1000 50 Hours 100 Hours 120 Hours 100 Hours
PHCC-1850 Not recommended 60 Hours 70 Hours 60 Hours
PHCC-2400 Not recommended 50 Hours 55 Hours 50 Hours
Extended Pumping Time (with Parallel Jumper Cable)
PHCC-1000 Not recommended Not recommended Not recommended Not recommended
PHCC-1850 Not recommended 120 Hours 140 Hours 120 Hours
PHCC-2400 Not recommended 100 Hours 110 Hours 100 Hours
* Run time based on 10% duty cycle. Run times may vary based on water flow
**Battery fluid sold separately