Why Pro Series

Our focus has always centered on creating and improving our products to create reliable pumps and other accessories for the benefit of our customers. That begins by using premium components and designing pumps for maximum pumping capabilities, better energy efficiency and durability. This has us leading the industry in green technology. Our innovation has additionally created patented switches and controllers with state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

Our innovation has also given our customers better ways to maximize their business with “Good, Better, Best.” This unique system allows you to offer a range of products to best fit your customer’s needs while creating higher profitability. Our Mix and Match ordering system provide you with the best options for stocking your inventory and saving on your product investment.

In addition to offering quality products and better ordering options we back it all up with unmatched support. We provide extended warranties that benefit our professionals, free customized leave behind sheets, training sessions and lifetime technical support. You also have the ability to be listed as a Pro Series Preferred Installer on our website.

We present you with the means to success!