Contractors Ontario

The Pro Series line of Primary AC and backup sump pumps are available only through your local plumber.

If you are a homeowner and would like to locate a professional in your area, please select your state for a list of
contractors that install PHCC Pro Series Sump Pumps.

Company City State/Territory Phone
Basement Boss Fingal ONT 519-769-2096
Basement Boss Glencoe ONT 866-780-2677
Basement Boss Goderich ONT 866-524-9169
Grossi Plumbing Leamington ONT 519-326-9018
Basement Boss Neustadt ONT 888-799-5211
Grubbgutscher Plumbing Neustadt ONT 519-799-5211
Basement Boss Oil Springs ONT 800-816-2677
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