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G/Wh - Gallons Per Watt Hour
PHCC Pro Series Pumps have come up with a new way to help contractors/homeowners evaluate sump pump energy efficiency and performance.

Simply stated, G/Wh links efficiency and performance by illustrating how many gallons of water are pumped using one (1) watt of electricity. Click here to learn more!
Energy Conservation
To some “going green” may be just a fad, to us, we believe it’s a real initiative that provides a road map on how to save energy, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and save the homeowner money... Read More
Water Conservation
Water conservation is becoming more of an issue everyday. The planet is in the midst of what the United Nations is calling a “water crisis” as the supply of fresh drinking water dwindles. As members of the plumbing trade, we are all aware of the move to conserve water. Especially clean drinking water...
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In The News
9 Ways to Conserve Energy
To help you with your home energy conservation efforts, the EPA's ENERGY STAR communications manager, Denise Durret, recently wrote a guest post on just this topic. We think it's worth a review:

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To date energy efficient Glentronics, Inc. AC pumps have saved more than 93,674,955 million kilowatt hours of electricity. This is enough to power 7,333 homes for an entire year.

In a time when we need to evaluate every area and every electrical device in today’s homes and buildings, The PHCC Pro-Series line is showing the leadership we need and answering the call.
Compared to ordinary sump pumps, our innovative pumps offer enhanced energy efficiency - resulting in lower utility costs for the homeowner and lower demand on fossil fuels which pollute our air. Without sacrificing performance!

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