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Remote Notification

Connected Pumps and the Remote Terminal

Remote Terminal
PHCC Pro Series Pumps has always focused on the monitoring and communicating to homeowners of any issue or recommended maintenance their sump pump may need. As smart homes and connected devices become more common, many of the models within the PHCC Pro Series line already have a built-in gateway to allow you to connect the pump to different remote notification possibilities.

Remote Terminal

Remote Capabilities
  • The remote terminal allows the unit to connect to one of many external devices
  • Allows for flexibility not found in other brands
  • As technology changes the remote terminal will still be compatible with new devices

Remote Terminal Connections
The terminal allows the unit to connect to a device of your preference:
   Option 1: Monitored security or home automation systems
   Option 2: Wi-Fi notification system such as the PHCC Pro Series Wi-Fi Module

PHCC Pro Series Connect Coming Early 2017

Pro Series Pumps Connected Our Remote Terminal acts as a gateway to allow for many different connection options and also compatibility with future technologies. Now, with Pro Series "Connect" homeowners can connect to home security and home automation systems using Wi-Fi and Z Wave technology. These products enable homeowners' notification remotely by e-mail and text messages to customer cell phones and tablets.

PHCC Pro Series WiFi Module
Home Automation Connection Model No. PS-WiFi
  • Sends emails or text notifications and status alerts to your phone, tablet or computer
  • Our WiFi Module is inexpensive with no required monthly or yearly fees or subscriptions
  • Installation Videos

Home Automation Connection
PHCC Pro Series Home Automation Connection Module
Model No. PS-HZM
  • Easily connects to compatible monitored security or home
    automation system
  • Connects using Z-Wave Plus

PHCC Pro Series Connect compatible with:
Backup Systems
  • PHCC 1850*
  • PHCC 2400
Combo Systems
  • PS-C22*
  • PS-C33
Primary Pump Switch
  • DFC2
  • VSC2
*Manufactured after 1/2014. Backup PHCC 1850 controller must have remote terminals